How Can Be a Smart Student Apart from Being Hard-Working!

Students have to do lots of work at the time of their college life. They have to handle the entire situation whether they like it or not. They sometimes have to do the work that they even don’t like. For all that work they have to put lot of efforts and their mind in it so as to make it successful.

There are generally two kind of student that exist one that take each and every effort to complete a work that what are called hard workers and the one who take little effort in right direction to complete a work in minimum time are smart workers. There is saying that “Practise makes a man perfect” but it is changed by smart students they say that “Perfect practise actually makes man perfect”.

Smart student are their different way of thinking everything. They take every problem as challenge and solve it from such a style that it takes minimum time and effort to be solved. They are known for they spontaneous work of mind. Work for them totally depends on mind efforts. They try to do things with easiest and accurate way. In this way they can also find Ways to Impress Your Professors with Your Commitment to Studies.

Smart students are different from hard working one in many ways like:-

  1. Smart student work in such a way that they bring the success near then while the hard working student paves their path towards the success. It can be explained as if one want to bring a cow inside a house, the hard worker will try to pull the rope with all its effort while a smart one will just show the grass and which will automatically lead the cow inside the house.
  1. Smart students know what work they need to do and what are the path and steps they need to follow for the same while a hard working students generally aim at the end target and not on the thing he need to consider while reaching to it.
  1. Smart student love the work they have been assigned and thus can do it easily while the hard working student take work as the pressure and work under it.
  1. Smart student always know what would be the end result like if they have to prepare for interview they will study only question that are likely to be asked in the interview while talking of hard working student they will try to go through all technical and non-technical question.
  1. Use of resources all around one self is also one of the qualities of the smart students. Like if a student is coordinating an event and for all preparation he is running all around then the student will be called a hard working student while doing all that by instructing on phone to other people around and doing things faster and easier is the work of smart worker. That is why they prefer to use some additional help; they approach online sources like us for getting help and completing their assignment easily and quickly (Vist at ).

Hard work is always a backbone of any work but to repeat that in every of the work is not good. Some people have habit of it and they do it for any work assigned to them. Hard working people work hard and get more fruit while smart people are opposite of it and they work less and get equal fruit for that.

Smart students are always praised for their work style because as there is a saying that “Man learns from their mistake” but for smart student “they learn from the mistakes of other and do their work perfectly”. Working on a computer system use of short keys is the style of smart student and following the whole procedure to do the work is done by hard working student.

Some people also believe that the smart student success is for temporary basis but that not true as they done the hard work to achieve that but just the style of doing that thing is different. Just the difference is that smart work involves proper usage of mind in time and getting the perfect solution for any problem.

The logic by which a smart student works:

  1. Believing that any problem can be dealt with.
  1. There are variety or many solution of every problem just the thing is that one need to understand the problem in deep first.
  1. Once getting all the solution, choosing the perfect one among them is again a toughest job. As the perfect solution is the one which leads to perfectly near to the solution and also in least expected time slot.
  1. Working on that solution with all concentration and not changing the path even if difficulty arises as it is in mind that it will only give the best result.
  1. Getting result and remembering every problem faced in reaching to the end result as experience for next time so that same mistake should not be repeated in future.

The work done should be well framed as once taking my own example I would like to tell that I was taking an interview in which lot of student appeared. I was instructed by my senior to take in ration like 1 out of 10.I gave them practical as it was job related to designing of a job. Every student started measuring the thing but one out of all just took the look on the job for a little while and started drawing without any dimension. Time was limited and at last on finishing it I visited every seat. There was only one student that completed the job and that was the same fellow who has drawn it without dimension.

I asked him when everyone has drawn with dimension why you drawn arbitrary. He told I am there for designing; taking dimension is not my job. That will be given to me by my senior or customer. That impressed me and I choose him because of his smart work.

So the approaches you choose for getting your thing done always make the difference not only in life but also create a positive effect on mind of viewer. So it’s always better to be smart worker than hard worker.

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